War and conflict is still a reality for many people in today’s world, just as it was for those people who lived hundred years ago.
Cut the Crap is Het Entrepot’s artistic component of the commemoration. It presents a contemporary reading of the impact of conflict and its causes and consequences which will be revealed through visual arts, multidisciplinary in its nature. Over a period of five years Het Entrepot focuses on different themes in relation to the notion of ‘conflict’.

We invite young artists to research their position towards the greater theme of conflict in the arts and in our globalized world. Het Entrepot is looking for projects that are clearly developed based on a social engagement or which are conceived from the necessity to respond to a particular problem or conflict (in relation to ‘History’).


  • Year 1: Sep - Oct 2014: OUT LOUD
    focuses on how the conflict of war gets started, with special attention on censorship and communication.
  • Year 2: Apr -May 2015: FAINT HERO
    focuses on human behavior. The subjects of duty, honor and patriotism are being investigated.
  • Year 3: Aug- Sept 2016: SILENT SPEECH
    focuses on stories from different people, soldiers and civilians, involved in conflict.
  • Year 4: Sep- Nov 2017: MINED MIND
    focuses on trauma and the psychological effects of war on people.
  • Year 5: Jul- Aug 2018: FAST FORWARD
    focuses on the future, rebuilding a nation, positive developments.