MINED MIND focuses on trauma and the psychological effect of war on people. This residency period highlights the surreal and truly monstruous aspect of war. The madness one gets to deal with on a personal level and the madness necessary to participate in the ideology of war.  MINED MIND provides a frame how to stop & deal with this madness of war. People in conflict situations are capable of anything, positively but as well negatively. How gets one to live with certain decisions made in a particular situation? Is everything to be spoken about aloud or to be hushed up? What people believe to be righteous differs when one looks to it from the other side…

This residency period addresses the themes of madness and psychological trauma of war. We challenge artists to research and explore this theme. Artists working within this framework, whether they deal with contemporary global conflicts
or research the historical dynamics of the First Great War, are welcome to take part in this programme.

The residency will start on monday 11th of September 2017 and will last 8 weeks. A first public exhibition/performance of the project is planned on the 3th of November 2017. Het Entrepot sincerely believes in the importance of synergies with the local (art)community. Therefore we are explicitly looking for project proposals with this ideal in mind. During the actual 8 week residency the residents should be aware to implement the project proposal in the social and cultural network Het Entrepot will provide.

The deadline for applications of this fourth year of the CTC residency is February 1st, 2017. Selected artists will be notified by March 1st, 2017.


This program focuses on young professional and emerging artists, under the age of 35. The application should include a well-defined project proposal (max. 2 pages), a thoroughly calculated budget, a preferred time frame, a CV and a portfolio. Please send images and/or video links. Send all information to Wannes Fremaut (wannes@hetentrepot.be).